Midnattsloppet Stockholm (Stockholm midnight 10k).

20 August 2011

I’ve never  seen so much orange – 26,500+ runners in luminous shirts and well supported by friends and family. Wee Max Gordon (my foster-son) took part in the ‘Mini Mil’ earlier in the day – a 300 m sprint. We are told (by Max) that he won. He added to this by saying “we are all winners”, advanced for a 6 year old. The larger race had different start times depending on which category you were in. I was in 2a this time, with Alexia Grosjean in 4a and Bjorn Erik Nordgren in 4a and 4b respectively. The start was fabulous with music, fireworks and dancing warm ups. Max stayed awake for it too. It had been a hot day so a few beers had been taken in the course of the day (3x). And so to the off…. Pretty sure the route was different to 2007 but the feeling was the same. Not a race for a PB and the first 2k is something of a shoving match. Even though it is a phased start the streets are crowded. Still, the entertainment was varied from trad Swedish folk to rock, blues and salsa dancers. The streets were crowded with onlookers and it really is a positive feeling being part of something like that, The striking orange shirts added to the event. I was happy with the run and the beer at the 8k handed to me by my brother in law. Palestinian beer too, quite tasty. Finally got round in 48 minutes 11 seconds. – came in 270 (ish), so somewhere just outside the top 1%. Probably the best race finish I’ll ever get. So given the cramped start and lack of room, I’m quite happy with the time. A great event and one for the list if you want something different.

Me looking back in surprise to see Max Gordon high above the crowd!


About Tentsmuir

Tentsmuir is a 50 something ex-marathon/ slow-ultrarunner/ sort of mountainbiker with Asthma and Diabetes. He is often to be found going round in circles in the Tentsmuir Forest trying to make sense of the contradictions in history, Buddhist philosophy and Scottish malt whisky. Also to be found stravaiging in the Scottish mountains, in deep jungles or lurking on Twitter @Tentsmuir
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2 Responses to Midnattsloppet Stockholm (Stockholm midnight 10k).

  1. Tanya Gordon says:

    An amazing experience even as a spectator! Glad we got to see you off at the start and cheer you on at the 8k mark 🙂

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