New Year Resolutions, and all that….

I was quite surprised by a post I put up on my Facebook Page on 31 December. It got far more of a reaction than I’d anticipated. I was merely reacting to some comments by some friends, but the feedback I got on FB and by email subsequently has quite surprised me. I repeat it here unchanged and hope that those who got back to me so positively are sticking to what they said. For me, oddly, their reaction has been more of a prompt for me to stick to my own resolutions than my original comment or promises to myself. Happy 2014 πŸ™‚

So ….. the cynics say nothing will change at midnight tonight. True, there is going to be nothing essentially different at midnight plus one. But there are times in our lives that we can choose to stop and reflect; reappraise where we’ve been, where we are and where we’re going. We are all free to make choices, and sometimes a prompt is all that is needed. It might as well be at midnight tonight, or in the coming days as any other time. Personally I hope many of us will take time to think of those less fortunate than ourselves, those who have left us, those who are in pain, those who are lonely. I hope some of us will ask and find ways to make a bigger difference for them as well as our friends, families and communities. It doesn’t have to be much. The old Scottish custom of First-footing might be as good a place to start as any. In the coming days, visit that elderly neighbour, take time to reconnect with friends and family, promise yourself you will do more to be more tolerant and respect this fragile planet and the species that live upon it. The cynics are right: nothing will change at midnight tonight, nothing will be essentially different UNLESS you want it to be. And if you do hope for something better in this world and make an effort, maybe things will change; you won’t know unless you try. However you spend tonight and the coming days, have a Happy Hogmanay and all the best for 2014


About Tentsmuir

Tentsmuir is a 50 something ex-marathon/ slow-ultrarunner/ sort of mountainbiker with Asthma and Diabetes. He is often to be found going round in circles in the Tentsmuir Forest trying to make sense of the contradictions in history, Buddhist philosophy and Scottish malt whisky. Also to be found stravaiging in the Scottish mountains, in deep jungles or lurking on Twitter @Tentsmuir
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3 Responses to New Year Resolutions, and all that….

  1. Ruaca says:

    Well said (and written I might add).

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