D33 Ultramarathon and little bit more

So, for the first time since June 2014, I found myself in a running event. I suppose it also came as a surprise that this was my first race over any distance since turning 50 last July (though I was classed as a “supervet” in Sweden last June as they go by year of birth not date of birth). It was great to catch up with old friends before and after the race. It was a good run out and I was generally happy with it apart from my knee (the ‘good’ one – the one with an ACL!) giving me grief from about mile 20 onwards. Although billed as trail, this event is largely on tarmac, and even when it does hit trail, it is so hard packed it might as well be concrete. I knew that, and after running it in 2012 told myself to avoid it in the future. But with the big 55 Mile Ultramarathon/66 Mile Cycle Sportive double challenge coming up in April I wanted a good middle distance Ultra just to force my self along a bit more than I’ve become used to. The good news was that I didn’t need my inhaler at all (Asthma kicked into touch) and the BGL was kept in check – great (BGL 6.5 Diabetes taught a lesson). I actually think I did OK on the race – only 8 minutes slower than in 2012 despite the knee (Garmin Stats Here)

In the evening (after the compulsory beers) I got loads of ice on my knee, and more the following morning. Then with my good friend Bruce we tested the “tired legs” with a lovely 30 mile bike ride through Aberdeenshire. Given how tight my legs felt, yesterday I felt surprisingly strong on the bike and the knee held up really well. In fact the cycle really worked wonders for the stiffness in my legs in general. So training for the Double Challenge in April is going well, but I know I still have a lot of work to do. I confess my legs were more stiff in the hamstrings and glutes for the last 12 miles of the Ultra than I expected. So, more stretching, more Yoga and more strength training to come. 5 full weeks to go – Braw Times 🙂


About Tentsmuir

Tentsmuir is a 50 something ex-marathon/ slow-ultrarunner/ sort of mountainbiker with Asthma and Diabetes. He is often to be found going round in circles in the Tentsmuir Forest trying to make sense of the contradictions in history, Buddhist philosophy and Scottish malt whisky. Also to be found stravaiging in the Scottish mountains, in deep jungles or lurking on Twitter @Tentsmuir
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3 Responses to D33 Ultramarathon and little bit more

  1. Well done! I hope you recover well and April is as good as it looks to be 🙂

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