But here’s the thing …..

Last year, 2015,  was a mixed bag. Having seriously injured myself running and cycling within three months of each other (knee in April, shoulder in July) I had three full months of recovery which included my arm being in a sling for six weeks (seriously broken collar bone), and the subsequent recovery from the insertion of a metal plate and pins.

Scar Tissue

As a result I’ve gone pretty much back to square one with my running and have reintroduced my cycle commute to work painfully slowly. From shuffling one mile three times a week in September, I have managed at least one 10-15 mile run each week for the last 10 weeks thanks in no small part to the constant companionship on the trail of the one you might know as Girl Runs Wild. This run adds to 3 or 4 others of between 3-6 miles which is, all told, a much lighter mileage than I had at the start of 2015. I should add we also tend to stop for a snack half way round these days at The Crepe Shack. It would be rude not to.

My cycling too has slowed somewhat. I have shelved the Genesis Aether for races only and moved to a slightly heavier hybrid for my daily commute.

Genesis Aether

There are noticeable pros and cons for my health. On the one hand I managed to put on a little weight last year, and my HbA1c rose from my usual 6.2-6.5 to a quite uncomfortable 7.8. I am working on this.

But here’s the thing ….. Since July 2015 I have not taken a single puff from my Blue inhaler (Salbutamol). As part of my recovery I have dispensed with any form of speed or sprint work and by being more relaxed about my activities I have been nine months with one less medication. Instead, I am controlling my Asthma with Symbicort only, and even then at a reduced dose of only two puffs in the morning and one on the evening.

So, my race times are a thing of the past and I am sluggish on the move. But there is a positive health benefit, and I’m sure one day soon I’ll start to hit some kind of form worth blogging about.

In the meantime, you can always find me in the Tentsmuir – possibly stuffing my face with Crepe.


About Tentsmuir

Tentsmuir is a 50 something ex-marathon/ slow-ultrarunner/ sort of mountainbiker with Asthma and Diabetes. He is often to be found going round in circles in the Tentsmuir Forest trying to make sense of the contradictions in history, Buddhist philosophy and Scottish malt whisky. Also to be found stravaiging in the Scottish mountains, in deep jungles or lurking on Twitter @Tentsmuir
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4 Responses to But here’s the thing …..

  1. marob23 says:

    good to hear you are back enjoying running

  2. Claire McLoughlin says:

    ‘Some kind of form worth blogging about’…hmm. I see what your getting at but surely the fact that you are doing anything at all in light of your injuries and co-morbidities is worth blogging about?

    After all I am rubbish at yoga – in my pigeon poses I’m surrounded by so many blocks it’s laughable- but it is the fact that I’m actually doing yoga in spite of my rheumatoid arthitis that is the important bit….

    • Tentsmuir says:

      You are right of course. Its just a matter of trying to forget what you used to do and getting on with what you’re doing 😀

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