Races and Challenges


D33 Ultra Marathon, Aberdeen, March 2015. Total 33 miles (52.8km) (5:27:17)

Fife Coastal Trail Challenge. Dundee to Boarhills, Feb 2015. Total 31.2 miles (50km) – with Julia Neufiend

Jättelångt Ultramarathon, SWEDEN, 14 June 2014. Total 44 miles (70.5km).

Sörmland Ultra Marathon [SUM] 30 miles (50km), SWEDEN, 12 October 2013 (5:08:30) – 30 miles of beautiful trails 🙂

The Speyside Way Ultra Marathon, Ballandalloch to Buckie, 25 August 2012. Total 36.5 miles (58.5km) (26.2 = 4:14:02/ 36.5 = 5:59:40)

The Longest Day Run 24hr 100km Challenge, 23/24 June 2012. Total 65.02 miles (105km) (24hrs total time of which running time splits: Run One 26.2miles = 4:35/50miles = 9:11 Run Two 15miles (65) =11:55 actual running time)

Fife Coastal Trail Challenge. Forth Bridge to Largo, June 2012. Total 32 miles (51.2km)  – with Jim Groark

Relay GB Marathon, Inverbervie to Arbroath, 16 May 2012. Total 29.6 miles (47.4km) (26.2= 3:59:21/ 29.6= 4:35) – Part of a NEW WORLD RECORD for the longest consecutive relay of full marathons.

Relay GB Marathon, Nairn to Elgin, 15 May 2012. Total 31 miles (49.6km) (26.2m=3:48:24/ 31m=4:25) — Part of a NEW WORLD RECORD for the longest consecutive relay of full marathons.

D33 Ultra Marathon, Aberdeen, March 2012. Total 33 miles (52.8km) (5:19:52)

Bamburgh Coastal Trail Ultra Marathon, ENGLAND, October 2011. Total 36.27 miles (58km) (6:15:00)




The Dramarthon October 2017 – DNF. Tried to run it with an injured foot. Stopped after 10k when the stress fracture borke! Still got the drams though (excellent organisers).

The Stockholm Hash House Harriers Trail Marathon, SWEDEN, 1 May 2014 (5:17:27) – a new and well enjoyed Personal Worst

The Tamarindo Beach Marathon, COSTA RICA, 22 September 2012 (4:18:27)

Marathon du Medoc, FRANCE, September 2011 (5:04:01) – a great run in 30 degrees plus in a cow suit, kilt and full of wine 🙂

Kiel Marathon, GERMANY, February 2011 (3:58:58). A sub-zero degree race start!

Edinburgh Marathon, May 2010 (3:43:28) PB

Loch Ness Marathon, October 2006 (3:59:01) – My first ever race over any distance




The Illuminator 15 Mile Night Trail Run, Glen Tanar, October 2016 (2:47:40) – with Julia

Perthshire Half Marathon, September 2016 (1:43:50) – nice run back post injury 🙂

Nacka Half Marathon, SWEDEN, May 2014 (1:44:16)

Stockholm Half Marathon, SWEDEN, September 2013 (1:40:38) – followed by a four mile run home 🙂

Loch Katrine Half Marathon, March 2013 (1:49:02) – very asthmatic run. Lovely place, but not fun.

Braemar Half Marathon, September 2012 (1:40:28)

Isle of Mull Half Marathon, August 2012 (1:35:19) PB

Edinburgh Rock ‘n’ Roll Half Marathon, April 2012 (1:39:40)

Ardbeg Half Marathon, Isle of Islay, August 2011 (1:39:39)

Stonehaven Half Marathon, July 2011 (1:45:13)

Isle of Lewis Half Marathon, May 2011 (1:49:14)

Jedburgh Half Marathon, October 2010 (1:43:38)

Isle of Coll Half Marathon, August 2010 (1:52:10) – strong winds and asthma playing up.

Dundee Half Marathon, June 2010 (1:46:20) – NB had to stop to administer first aid for c.4 mins to a fallen runner with heat stroke

Chris Hoy Half Marathon, Edinburgh, May 2010 (1:41:17)

Alloa Half Marathon, 2010 (1:49:22) – A diabetic and asthmatic nightmare. Hypo & asthma attack. Grrrr.

Glasgow Half Marathon, September 2009 (1:49:04)

Dundee Half Marathon, 2009 (1:47:24)



10 MILERS/15-18km
Springcross 18km Trail Race, SWEDEN, 3 May 2014 (1:34:57)

Ballater 10 miler, July 2011 (1:17:20) PB

Glen Moray 10 miler, June 2011 (1:17:21)

Adelaide 15km River Run, AUSTRALIA, July 2009 (1:16:37)



10 km (or there abouts)

Run Mhor Hidden Glen 10k hill trail race (51 min 45 sec).

Stradbroke Island 8.5km Coastal Race, AUSTRALIA, May 2017 (47 mins 47 seconds). 22/150 runners and third in class (sv) – with Scott Murdoch and Alexia Grosjean

Monikie 10k, May 2016 (48 mins 25 secs). Hilariously 7th in the ‘Auld Bastard’ class (sv)

Malmo Midnattslopet (Midnight 10k), SWEDEN, September 2013 (46 min 17 sec)

Helsinki Midnattslopet (Midnight 10k), FINLAND, August 2013 (45 min 53 sec) – after beer and curry

Stockholm Midnattslopet (Midnight 10k), SWEDEN, August 2013 (49 min 44 sec) – ran it in my kilt.

Perth Kilt Run 5 miler (8km), June 2012 (37 mins)

Stockholm Midnattslopet (Midnight 10k), SWEDEN, August 2011 (48 min 11 sec) – Finished 272/26,500 (nae bad).

Kelso 10k, July 2011 (46 mins 49sec)

Benromach 10k, May 2010 (52 mins, 23 sec)

Glenlivet 10k, April 2011 (52 mins, 29 sec)

River Ness 10k, Inverness, October 2010 (46 mins 31 sec)

Edinburgh BUPA 10k, 22 July 2010 (45 mins 19 sec) PB

River Ness 10k, Inverness, October 2009 (48 mins)

ULURU 10km Desert Challenge, AUSTRALIA, August 2009 (49:20) – with Scott Murdoch

River Ness 10k, Inverness, October 2008 (47 mins?)

Stockholm Midnattslopet (Midnight 10k), SWEDEN, August 2008 (55 mins)

Lumpini Park New Years Day 10k, THAILAND, January 2007 (53 mins)




Chariots of Fire 5km Beach Run, June 2016, St Andrews (23 mins)

Bellmansstafett – Stockholm 5x5km Relay, SWEDEN (22 mins 23 sec)

The Kilt Run, 10 August 2013, Perth (22 mins, 6 sec) – PB & part of a NEW WORLD RECORD for most kilted runners in a race (1300+) beating previous record held by Perth, Canada

Chariots of Fire 5km Beach Run, June 2013, St Andrews (24 mins, 24 sec)

Chariots of Fire 5km Beach Run, June 2012, St Andrews (22 mins, 21 sec)

Chariots of Fire 5km Beach Run, May 2011, St Andrews (25 mins, 7 sec)




Paths for All “Step Count Challenge 2016” 18 April-12 June 2016. A challenge with colleagues from work (and elsewhere) in teams of five to see how many steps each team can accumulate in the period. Within this team challenge I set myself a personal goal of reaching 1,000,000 steps (walking, running and cycling). Made it: Total Steps: 1,025,157  …..  Avg daily steps: 18,306 …..  Highest daily steps: 33,559

“Soldier v Scholar” Caledonian Challenge 2014. A challenge set to celebrate turning 50. A 5.5 mile run, 52 mile cycle finished off with an 8 mile run along the full length of the Caledonian Canal. Should have had a 12 mile kayak in there too, but a 20 knot head wind ended that idea. Great challenge with a great mate and birthday meal to follow 🙂

Marcothon Challenge 2012: The challenge was to run min 5km per day every day in December. Done. In snow, ice, in the middle of the night, in storms, on Christmas day…… Somehow like meditation 🙂

#5×50 7 Day Challenge, November 2012. The challenge was to run a minimum of 5km every day for a week. Done. Doddle. managed to average over 9.15km per day giving a 64km total. Great set up for Marcothon Challenge 2012.

Tentsmuir Triathlon Challenge: Tayport – St Andrews 14 mile bike, 1 mile run, 400m open water swim across Eden Estuary, 7 mile run back to Tayport – with Sally Crumplin, Jim Groark, Peter Kushner, Ray Shaffren. In a force 7… nuff said.

Edinburgh Team Relay Marathon, May 2009 (5.2 miles 37 mins) – Team Racing Snails with my postgrad students Phil McCluskey and Kathrin Zickermann and colleague Bernhard Struck.

Edinburgh Team Relay Marathon, May 2008 (7.2 miles 58 mins) – team Racing Snails with my postgrad students Adam Marks, Phil McCluskey and Kathrin Zickermann

Edinburgh Team Relay Marathon, May 2007 (5.2 miles 36 mins) – Team Postgrad Posse with my postgrad students; Adam Marks, Siobhan Talbott and Kathrin Zickermann


2 Responses to Races and Challenges

  1. MedalSlut says:

    Wait, wait, wait. You’re FIRST race over ANY distance was a MARATHON? I feel so lame in comparison.

    • Tentsmuir says:

      Haha – don’t!!! It simply never occurred to me that I could be a runner. I thought races were for really fit people only and that as an asthmatic & diabetic, I was somehow excluded. But I got myself up to 18 mile trail runs with a good friend here in Fife and then spoke to someone who had entered Edinburgh. It was because I realised I was doing more miles than them I got the confidence to enter Lochness.

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